ristorante giglio

In 1979 Franco Barbieri, Giuliano Pacini and Loredano Orsi decided to open the restaurant Giglio as an offshoot of the popular Buca di Sant’Antonio. Throughout the years of their management the restaurant proposed traditional dishes from Lucca and Mantua (where Franco was born), together with typically Italian fish and meat platters. The arrival of Paola Barbieri at the beginning of 2000 marked the beginning of a new trend, with progressive but fundamental changes. Today a new generation has inherited the Giglio: now her son Lorenzo and partners Stefano Terigi and Benedetto Rullo are guiding the restaurant into a contemporary dimension, combining diverse cultural and historical references into a distinctive personality.

Restaurant Giglio is now multifaceted, a mosaic of complementary features. The restaurant, the food, the chefs, the diners, the waiters and waitresses, the wines, the sommeliers, the town we live in – as well as the personalities, glances, ideas, experiences and personal aspirations of all involved – are all pieces of the pattern, components of the collective centre around which our creativity unfolds. And food of course is life itself, and thrives on reconciled dissonances. The mosaic only makes sense when looked at as a whole, a juxtaposition of colours, textures and different shapes the form a single composition.

The process of growth moves from the three chefs energy and experience, with links to markets around the world, and takes in the gastronomic traditions of three generations of restaurateurs. We want to make dining democratic, approachable and untrammelled  – but with room for some poetic licence, the innovative key in a tradition that does not want to remain static, allowing a little excess only when it’s justified!

Giglio is an inlay of diverse lives that work and function together balanced on a delicate equilibrium between sensitivity, quality and calculation, a classic restaurant that is certain of its values – but is also propelled by a certain desire for gastronomic anarchy!